Coco Through the Looking Glass (AUDIOBOOK)

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A fairy tale theme is interwoven through the fabric of Coco’s journey during her first foray into internet dating. The narrative is constructed around Coco’s personal experiences; a 50+ naturalised Australian of French background who grew up in Australia in the sixties. Make no mistake, the journey you are about to begin does not guarantee a happy ever after. The challenges of cyber dating for the mature, hopeful dater are not to be underestimated. Coco wears her heart on her sleeve as she throws herself into the hedonistic playground of Millennials, creating awareness of the pitfalls of internet dating, as well as the joys of friendships formed. The charm of online suitors is relentless, the screen cocooning her from a lifetime of vulnerability. But the compliments are fleeting, and interactions often illusory. Her looking glass is harsh, and she expects less but wants more. The lessons for Coco, as a result of changes to her identity, are worthy of investigation for the self-awareness exercise they represent for her cohort of daters. You can witness Coco’s mental gymnastics, take a front row seat as she probes into her private philosophical and psychological meanderings that expose her weaknesses, her delights, her doubts, her loneliness, her trials and tribulations. A self-professed contradiction, she is invincible, yet vulnerable at the same time.

All names and identifying details of individuals featured in Marie-Claire Patron’s audiobook have been changed to protect their identity.

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Narrated by:
Marie-Claire Patron
Length: 13 hrs, 35 mins
Language: English
ISBN: 9781094220192
Published on: Jan 8, 2020
Audiobook Editor:
James Fitchett

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Author’s Note

This narrative is built from the personal experiences of Coco, a 50+ naturalised Australian of French background who grew up in Melbourne. All names and identifying details of individuals featured in Marie-Claire Patron’s 2019 AUDIOBOOK and other 2018 formats have been changed to protect their identity. All excerpts appear verbatim.

Background Music and Tracks

Marie-Claire’s beautiful and talented daughters Danièle and Dominique.



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6 thoughts on “Coco Through the Looking Glass (AUDIOBOOK)”

  1. I don’t listen to audiobooks often, but when I do I make sure it has the following qualities:
    1. a narrative voice that I can listen to for hours and not get tired of hearing,
    2. humor/lightness in narrative style,
    and 3. ideally, I like when the author is the narrating voice.
    “Coco Through the Looking Glass” has all three of these qualities, which leads me to recommend this audiobook to anyone who has or hasn’t read the book yet. As I mentioned in my Amazon review of the book, “I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious/open and willing to broaden their thinking on social norms in regards to how human interaction shapes our understanding of ourselves.”
    Marie-Claire Patron’s voice feels like listening to a good friend tell you a story; it’s comforting and relaxing, while at the same time engaging. Patron keeps the listener engaged with humor, which I love. I caught myself laughing out loud or nodding in agreement during her storytelling. The way she speaks is real and relatable – what more could you ask for from an audiobook? And most importantly, I listened to the audiobook after reading the book, and I didn’t feel like the audiobook took away from my experience with the story; if anything, hearing the story through the author’s voice enhanced my experience with the story, and made it feel that much more real to me.


  2. I began reading Coco Through the Looking Glass, however with my busy lifestyle I found it difficult to find the time to read. I found out about the audiobook and it was perfect for me. It is a fabulous, witty and relatable story that perfectly conveys the intricacies of online dating and challenges that single people face when looking for love. Despite this audiobook being about a 50 something year old entering the online dating world, there are clear lessons that can be taken away for any age group, male and female alike. I also loved that the author has used some snippets of her daughters’ music which depict what is going on in online dating! Highly recommend this audiobook to anyone!


  3. Well done, Marie-Claire, on a delightful book – full of profound insights, tinkling with laughter, some lovely self-effacing wit, and a heavy dose of wisdom. This text brings a solid reflective dimension to a widespread practice of contemporary times, causing many devotees consternation or joy, anxiety or partnership – but for each individual who knows which it will be? Some excellent advice in these pages!


  4. Thank you Laurence,

    I am so glad you enjoyed Coco’s adventures. How times have changed! Humour is the most effective way of creating awareness concerning issues that some would rather not broach. Online dating is here to stay as it is pretty rare to meet a partner organically these days. The trends are changing, and the bold are becoming more impudent. Covid19 has thrown a real spanner in the works, but the intrepid forge ahead with anonymity and impunity. More stories to come in the sequel…. the nefarious side outweighing the positive. Watch this space!


  5. Coco, Through the Looking Glass is a beautifully crafted exposition of the many travails of internet dating. With great detail the author manages to combine both humour and frustration in Coco’s unrelenting determination to explore the obstacles and mysteries of discovering a relationship via a medium that for a long time may have been considered only for the younger generation. Her personal encounters and timely warnings of both the disappointments and, indeed dangers to the uninitiated are both eloquent and detailed and will surely be welcomed by those who imagine that a click is all it takes….”to find the one”. A thoroughly enjoyable read by an author whose extensive research certainly offers all the tips to those more mature ,yet hesitant, about to take the plunge.


  6. Marie-Claire has managed to perfectly capture the roller-coaster ride that is online dating. The reader finds themselves hoping for Coco to find her perfect match, while secretly enjoying some of the common pitfalls one encounters as an intelligent, and highly successful, women trying to find a suitable match in the online dating world. I highly recommend this book.


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