Victim Victorious: From Fire to Phoenix


The world is peopled by victims; everyone has a story. However, victimhood is just the beginning of the story. This book is about the endings of at least some of those stories, the stories of victims who strive to overcome and even triumph in the end. This book is a collection of research perspectives and personal stories exploring the various pathways for overcoming victimhood. It is hoped that they might offer an inspiration for others and encourage others to stay on the path to find a positive ending. Victim Victorious is an examination of the ways in which victims come to rise above the challenges that they face. Victims may be innocent bystanders, and in no way responsible for their victimhood. Nonetheless, they can – and indeed we argue need to – take responsibility for finding a personal solution. To assist in this task, this book chronicles the pathway of prejudice and how the pain and the damage experienced by individual victims may be overcome by effort, by and on their own behalf. The first half of the book features outsider views of victimhood. A range of professionals, philosophers, psychologists, criminologists and critical theorists offer their thoughts on how people might overcome victimhood. The second half of the book features insider views of victimhood; in this section, the victims speak for themselves about their experience and how they have endeavored to break through their victimhood. This book is less about identifying and proscribing the behaviors of perpetrators and more about the efforts that victims can undertake to heal themselves as they journey towards resilience and victory.

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Paperback: 155 pages
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Inc; Reprint edition
(June 25, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1634851986
ISBN-13: 978-1634851985
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10 x 0.6 x 7.2 inches
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1.2 pounds 

Victim Victorious: From Fire to Phoenix
Paperback (Hardcover available)
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2 thoughts on “Victim Victorious: From Fire to Phoenix”

  1. Raoul Mortley, AO FAHA, Pro Vice-Chancellor International, Executive Dean, Faculty of Society & Design, Bond University, Australia says:

    “This book is remarkable in its exploration of the theme of victims rising above their circumstances – above their own particular victimhood. It is a theoretical, as well as, a practical demonstration of this theme, and also includes the deeply personal, along with case studies of resilience, and the capacity to overcome the particular circumstances which mark one out as bound to bear some particular discrimination, or suffer from some difference, be it a physical or mental difference.”


  2. “This fascinating book takes on the subject of interpersonal abuse, victims and the state of ‘victimhood’ that such abuse provokes. Importantly, it also offers insight into how victims can move beyond merely surviving abuse to actually thriving in their new post-abuse lives. It provides an excellent variety of real life stories detailing a wide array of types of abuse, interspersed with clinical observations explaining how to help victims heal psychologically and even spiritually. This book expands the conversation about abuse in all kinds of relationships and who may qualify as among the ‘walking wounded.’ It is heart-rending, eye-opening and empowering all at once.”


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